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Let’s be honest most social media campaigns and engagement for businesses on line is all over the place! Usually not very well planned and really doesn’t know what it wants to achieve! With content that is not relevant to your audience and can sometimes land a company in more bother than they ever thought! Because the social media world is where your potential customers are hanging out, your business needs to be there to!

The good news is that in recent years much of that madness has passed for the most part! Companies who do not need to be in that social space have left and the one who do are getting better at it!  Some semblance of normality has returned with the relevant businesses realising the huge value that a good social media strategy can add, while also understanding that it needs to support business and marketing goals.

Without a doubt social media has revolutionised the way we interact with our customers. Having a well thought-out and correctly executed social media campaign can differentiate you from your competitors and create a buzz around your business and brand.

Social media can attract potential customers into your space of influence as it helps to build trust, convert into leads. The businesses that create and share relevant engaging content give their audience something to talk about, helping their business to get noticed and ultimately win more customers.

So what Can Social Media Do for your Business?

  • Increase brand awareness and be recognised as a thought leader in your industry
  • Engage your potential and existing customers
  • Build a loyal following and learn about your customers
  • Allow customers to learn more about your business in an informal way
  • Helps you provide exceptional customer service
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Convert visitors into leads by offering great content that inspires and builds trust or shows your products in new and innovative ways

Here at SoBubble we will…

  • Help you decide whether there is value in social media for you business
  • Implement a strong social media strategy
  • Establish the most relevant social media outlets for your audience
  • Use various media to engage your audience – image, text and video
  • Blog development, sharing tools and syndication calendars
  • Staff training

Having a presence on social media is now expected for most businesses and should form part of your marketing strategy. When executed correctly, social media can increase brand awareness and help you to build a loyal following, as well as increasing your visibility and creating more opportunities to be found online.

We get social for you!

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