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Do I need a website?

Simple answer is, YES you do! End of story. A well designed website has the ability of selling your products and services around the clock for you. Your website represents an investment rather than an expense. The design of your website is essential to its success.  We will help you find the best web design that will best suit your needs and functionality requirements. Our websites stand out from the crowd by being unique and personalized to the needs and tastes of our clients.

We specialise in WordPress Sites and its our most popular services, this is no surprise as WordPress is one of the most popular web design platforms for building websites. It’s used to power nearly 30% of the total number of websites in the world (that’s a lot of websites). Great WordPress developers (that’s us) can build responsive websites and blogs that have multi-platform compatibility. We have years of experience with WordPress and that why we love using it so much. Most of our clients find it easy to upload new content and make changes themselves after the website is completed by us.

Our Web Design Process

One of the earliest steps is choosing the right domain name for your website, thsi si usually the business name (eg. or maybe you want a .ie domain). Once you have the domain name chosen we can register it for you if needed, we will then set up domain name hosting and website hosting through our back-end technology partner Wysdom Ireland on their very own state of the art secure web servers.

Then the fun adventures begin, we work closely with our clients to establish the purpose of the site, what exactly you want to achieve from your website. Do you want to sell online or advertise your products and services to new or existing customers or maybe its just an information platform that you want.

We will then discuss with you what page structure you require for your website. We will then work with you to design the perfect website  to  suit you and is appealing to your customers. We also design professional graphics and images to enhance the design of your website and  upload all the content and images. Once your website is ready and approved by you we will officially launch the site publicly to the world. All our sites are responsive, meaning they change shape and layout to suit the device the user is viewing the site with such as a tablet, iPad or mobile phone.

Whatever type of website you have, it is exposed to several threats: web server problems, hacking, viruses, bugs, etc. so for security and piece of mind, we make regular backups of the website data (database, coding, plug-ins, content, documents, images, texts). We will look after all backups for your website so if your website does encounter a problem, we will be able to rectify it as soon as possible.

Once you have your website online, it needs to be promoted properly. This can be  done a few ways such as conventional advertising, social media marketing and SEO search engine optimisation. We can help you develop a social media campaign that will drive new customers to the site and get your brand out to your audience.

Develop a strong social media strategy
Research and ascertain the most relevant social media outlets for your audience
Use various media types to engage your audience – image, text and video


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